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McTavish Pump Station

Montreal, Quebec

The historic McTavish Pump Station belongs to the City of Montréal, constructed in 1928-1932 and in operation every day, this critical post-disaster building ensures efficient distribution of drinking water throughout Montreal.

Our team performed several rapid tests using our wireless Larzé technology through our data-driven, sensing-based structural analysis approach. Global and localized tests of the building were completed to:


  • Evaluate the integrity between building wings

  • Evaluate in-plane and out-of-plane flexibility of floors

  • Evaluate the properties and integrity of the masonry walls

  • Determine the zero seismic level

  • Conduct Sensequake’s patented seismic evaluation without structural drawings or finite-element models

ent models


Our analysis team was able to take a deep look into the structure, providing in-depth integrity and full seismic performance evaluations for both structural and non-structural components based solely on the measured data using our patented methodology.


As a result of this approach, the design loads were greatly reduced through the optimization of the model. This led to a much more reduced retrofit approach, saving time and greatly reducing material costs.

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