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Sensing-based Seismic Assessments
by Ardalan Sabamehr, P.Eng., Ph.D.

Key terms 
Seismic Damage, HAZUS, FEMA-P58

Seismic damage predictions can be an important key parameter for asset managers and engineers to increase the general life safety of a given building. One of the most useful and unique features of the Sensequake approach is the ability to directly predict damage levels of structures from sensing tests....

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Performance-based Seismic Evaluations
by Ardalan Sabamehr, P.Eng., Ph.D.

Key terms 
Seismic Evaluations, Performance-based

The issue of seismic vulnerability assessment and rehabilitation of underperforming existing buildings is a very important and complex problem, especially in seismic-prone areas for buildings that were constructed before modern seismic codes...

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Key terms 
Green, Adaptive Reuse, Retrofit

Environmental consciousness is playing an ever-growing role in all professional fields. As support increases, public policies encouraging the implementation of green initiatives to lower global carbon emissions become implemented worldwide. ...

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Bridge Seismic Assessment
by Ardalan Sabamehr, Ph.D.

Key terms 
Modelling, Seismic Retrofit, Seismic Demands

Bridges are assets that are subject to not only varying loads on a daily basis but are also highly susceptible to seismic loading in the event of an earthquake. Additionally, bridges tend to be post-disaster structures and need to be operational at all times...

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Bridge Seismic Assessment

Fragility Curves Social Media.png

The type and extent of damage that a component will experience are uncertain. Component fragility functions are statistical distributions that indicate the conditional probability of incurring damage at a given value of demand. Fragility functions are assumed to be lognormal distributions...

Key terms 
Fragility Curves, Damage Prediction, Risk Assessment

Fragility Curves
by Ardalan Sabamehr, Ph.D.

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