Who we are

We are an interdisciplinary team composed of experienced engineers, developers and business people. Our team has a strong academic background in structural, electrical, mechanical, architectural, software and earthquake engineering. We are highly innovative individuals with expertise in our respective fields.


To provide a turnkey solution to engineers, governments, insurance firms and the real estate industry, Sensequake is continuously updating its software and products for our international partners to offer our unique services. This involves the development of new systems for vibration monitoring and long-term health monitoring as well as our structural engineering and patented seismic analysis software.

What we do

Based on our Larzé, ShakeZone and ShakeLog systems that we have internally developed after many years of work in the field and customer feedback, we can provide vibration and structural health monitoring solutions that are flexible, highly comprehensive and easy to use. With our proprietary technology and state-of-the-art software and hardware packages, our team and partners provide unique structural and seismic assessment services.

All of these different products and services combine to form what we call the Sensequake Solution, allowing us to tackle challenging and complex problems on our own or through our partners worldwide.

Our mission

Our team prides itself on working hard towards innovative solutions to improve structures across the world. Our end goal is to see a world where the instrumentation of structures allows building managers and engineers to pinpoint structural inconsistencies early in order to extend the life of structures and avoid extensive damage and fatalities during natural disasters. Furthermore, we strive to educate the public about the current state of structural health monitoring and what can be done in order to exceed the shortcomings of the status quo.

These kinds of applications lead to 'smarter' structures, creating a large database of building baselines that will, in turn, improve the safety of other buildings in a smart network. This will lead to lives saved in the event of a large earthquake or other natural hazards and cost-efficient retrofit and renovation designs for building owners across the globe.


  • 2017 Prix Montréal Inc. - Best startup in the Montreal Ecosystem

  • Recipient of the Build In Canada Innovation Program to use our products in important federal landmark projects 

  • Recipient of the William and Rhea Seath Award for best new innovation out of McGill University

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