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The world leader in data-driven structural analysis and health monitoring technologies.

By combining sensors, A.I. and advanced data analysis, we develop software and hardware to provide you with accurate structural evaluations of your assets. A turn-key solution for bridges, buildings, ports, dams and infrastructure worldwide.

Our patented technology performs in-depth integrity evaluations, monitoring structures due to aging or natural hazards solely based on data collected from highly-sensitive ambient vibration sensors. No need for structural drawings or material properties, smart databases are created to determine structural changes in integrity over time. Save time, effort and money while obtaining superior results.

Applications of Sensequake

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Find the real natural frequencies, mode shapes and damping ratios of the current, as-is condition of the structure

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Track long-term PPVs - especially useful near construction sites or for highly-sensitive equipment / structures

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Using Sensequake wireless sensors for a few hours on-site, evaluate integrity to prove health or detect and locate damage

Monitor a structure's stiffness periodically or permanently to detect changes using A.I. and advanced algorithms

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Determine integrity between building sections and extract floor, roof, wall and foundation properties and flexibility

Using Sensequake's patented methodology, obtain seismic demand parameters without finite element models or building drawings

Supply response spectra at any building location to provide component-level damage evaluations

Compare the generated seismic demands with codes such as FEMA HAZUS and P58 to generate repair time and damage cost estimates


Increased reliability and accuracy


No need for detailed engineering plans and assumptions


Rapid data collection within few hours


Optimized retrofit schemes for more reliable and cost-efficient structures


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Results based on actual data from sensors


No need for finite element models


A few of our featured clients

What our Building Clients Say

“The Sensequake [Larzé system] is a great example of how building information modelling, the Internet of Things and the power of cloud computing will help engineers deliver high-value services to their clients... in a way that continues to make them relevant and competitive."


What our Bridge Clients Say

"Sensequake's analysis solution provided quantifiable input on the in-situ performance of a bridge exhibiting severe deterioration. The vibration and stiffness properties provided a strong indication of the reliability of the structure and supported the owner's holding strategy until the planned replacement date.


Sensequake's report and presentations were thorough and presented findings of the analysis clearly. This technology has big potential in our industry to add value for clients and mitigate risk on critical infrastructure"

Ogden Pedestrian Bridge

William Van Ruyven, P.Eng. 

Lead Bridge Engineer


Q & A with 


How was your experience working with Sensequake?

The tests were done at the time and the locations defined. The instrumentation provided by Sensequake was in-line with our expectations. Sensequake’s deliverables were of high quality: the presentation of the results was very clear; the results were complete and in line with our expectations.

The communication with Sensequake was good throughout the entirety of the project. Sensequake was always available to answer our questions


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