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Seismic Performance of Highway Bridges
by Rania Bedair, Ph.D. P.Eng.

Key terms 

Seismic Performance, Infrastructure, Structural Health Monitoring

Bridges are considered one of the most critical components of highway transportation networks, as the closure of a bridge due to partial damage or collapse can disrupt the entire transportation system. A bridge with slight or moderate seismic damage could decrease its serviceability and ability to transport vehicles...

Mode Shape Curvature
by Ardalan Sabamehr, Ph.D.

Key terms 

Structural Modelling, Mode Shape Curvature, Damage Detection

The mode shape curvature is an efficient technique in identifying damage by using the mode shapes of the structure. The curvature is related to the flexural stiffness of the beam’s cross-section.  If a crack or other damage is introduced in a structure, it reduces its flexural stiffness (EI) at its cracked section. ...

Seismic Retrofit
by Rania Bedair, Ph.D. P.Eng.

Key terms 

FEMA P-547, Seismic Force, Structural Retrofitting

A considerable number of buildings in North America present a risk of poor performance during an earthquake event as they were constructed prior to seismic design codes or the available code used was immature and presents flaws. discontinuity...

Key terms 

Soft Storeys, Seismic Force, Earthquake Risk

A large number of moment frame buildings have been constructed for specific purposes and may contain a large area for parking, reception lobbies, etc. These kinds of open spaces void of any infill walls are called soft storey buildings. Storeys with these kinds of open spaces are considered as having stiffness discontinuity...

Non-Structural Components
by Rania Bedair, Ph.D. Eng

Key terms 

Non-Structural Components, Seismic Mitigation, Earthquake Risk

Potential economic losses from damages to structures due to earthquakes can reach billions of dollars in densely populated areas. For instance, the total direct economic losses of $25 billion due to damaged buildings were paid by the government and private insurance sources for recovery and reconstruction in California... 

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