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Key terms 

Forced Vibration Test, Ambient Vibration Test,

Ambient Vibration Tests

The dynamic properties of structures can be extracted from both forced and ambient vibrations tests.  The identification of the modal parameters by EMA techniques becomes more challenging in the presence of large-scale structures with low frequency ranges...

Key terms 

Forced Vibration Test, Experimental Modal Analysis,

Input-Output Modal Identification

Experiment Modal Analysis (EMA) has been the conventional modal identification technique used by civil engineering for more than six decades. This approach uses an input excitation of known force levels and frequencies, both controlled by the experimentalist...

Key terms 

Ambient Vibration Test, Operational Modal Analysis, In-Operation Method, Output-Only

Nowadays, Operational Modal Analysis (OMA) has become very attractive in the field of civil engineering because the tests are cost-effective, fast and do not interfere with operations of the structure. The identified modal parameters are representative of the actual behavior of the structure under its standard conditions...

Seismic Microzonation
by Rania Bedair, Ph.D. Eng

Key terms 

Risk Analysis, Soil Classification, Ambient Vibrations

Seismic microzonation is the process of subdividing a potential earthquake-prone area into zones with respect to the site’s characteristics so that seismic hazards at different locations within a given area can be correctly identified and site classification maps can be developed...

Modal Testing and Analysis
by Ardalan Sabamehr, Ph.D.

Key terms 

Modal Analysis, Modal Identification, Ambient Vibration Test, Operational Modal Analysis, Vibration

As structural analysis techniques continually derive and become increasingly complicated, the limits in the structural behavior become apparent. These limits are used and are prominently prevalent in the field of structural dynamics. This technique ...

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