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See what is possible with Sensequake's

Larzé sensors and 3D-SAM software

              sensors are a state of the art solution for ambient vibration tests and monitoring. They feature:

   •   Highly sensitive triaxial MEMS accelerometers

   •   Highly sensitive triaxial geophone velocimeters

   •   A wide dynamic range

   •   Extremely low self-noise

   •   Adjustable sampling frequency (15 Hz - 3906 Hz)

   •   A scalable network from 1 to 32 sensors

   •   Accurate synchronization for several hours (under 1 ms)

   •   20 hours of operational battery life

   •   Internal temperature sensors

   •   Entirely wireless solution

   •   Connectivity via Wi-Fi

   •   Data management on the Sensequake Cloud

   •   Operational using the Sensequake Android app or

       remotely controlled from the Sensequake Cloud

Control your fleet of Sensequake Larzé sensors directly from the palm of your hand!

With the Sensequake app downloaded directly onto your Android smartphone, you can have unlimited control of your Larzé sensors.

From the application you can begin sensing tests, monitor the data collection of your individual units, check the battery levels of your sensors and change the many data collection parameters for your individual tests.

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3D-SAM can improve the reliability of your

finite element models, directly assess structural integrity and monitor the health of all types of structures.

Sensequake technology can be used for rapid seismic and time history analysis on as many ground motions as needed. It also provides response histories and maximum global seismic demands solely based on sensing tests without the need for any finite element models. Click here to see the multiple services possible with 3D-SAM technology.

Sensquake's patented 3D-SAM software brings real sensing data to structural health monitoring

Structural analysis without the need of finite element models - only the structure's simplified geometry

Render accurate mode shapes and animated 3D-Models of your structure

Combines algorithms in time and frequency domains and user-friendly pre and post-processing for a robust, higher modal identification

Obtain engineering demand parameters directly from the ambient vibration data for unique seismic evaluations

Create animated models based on the real natural frequencies of your structure

1st Mode (x)

1st Mode (y)

2nd Mode (x)

2nd Mode (y)

The following institutions are using Larzé sensors and sensing technologies


The Larzé ambient vibration sensors have the internal power to conduct state-of-the-art ambient vibration analyses. By using the sensors in a mesh and deploying them on your structure's critical locations, you can extract the information necessary for an extensive study of a structure. These wireless sensors are controlled via a user-friendly smartphone application, allowing for very simple and rapid testing.


These analyses allow for the detection of hidden defects, undocumented structural modifications and integrity concerns not detected by visual inspection and traditional engineering practices which can significantly improve disaster preparedness and recovery plans.

The wireless Larzé sensors can be deployed across your structure by staying synchronized for multiple hours

Our sensors bring ease of use to complex ambient vibration tests with a waterproof casing, optional GPS and cellular connectivity for precise synchronization as well as up to 32 sensor meshes in order to extract minuscule vibrations from your structure. The data can be easily extracted via micro-USB or pushed directly to our cloud servers.

Periodic Monitoring

Ambient vibration tests can garner even greater results when done periodically. A baseline is made through a first test, which is similar to the DNA or fingerprint of the structure. Additional tests can show any differences in the structure such as damages or aging.

These periodic tests can be done after any significant events or every few months or years for more important and at-risk structures.

Seismic Assessment

After an initial modal identification of a structure, our patented approach to seismic assessments can be conducted on your building. This involves the conversion of ambient-level modal properties to earthquake levels by adjusting parameters, the application of unique ground motions to the structure and comparing the obtained demands with performance-based codes.  

This unique approach to seismic assessments allows for rapid building screening without the need to create detailed theoretical models based on the true performance of the structure.

Click here for more information on different services offered with our Larzé and 3D-SAM technologies

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