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Previous CBC Headquarters

Ottawa, ON Canada

The CBC Building served as the Former Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Head Office, sitting in Confederation Heights, an area located in south Ottawa and home to many government buildings. This landmark structure is a Classified Federal Heritage Building, due to its historical, architectural and environmental value and was undergoing complete rehabilitation.

Sensequake performed many detailed tests using our wireless Larzé technology to derive the building’s baseline, obtaining the overall dynamic characteristics of the building such as natural periods, mode shapes and damping ratios. Additionally, specialized testing was performed to evaluate the flexibility of the floors and foundation, and sectional tests to evaluate the walls and roofs of the 6-storey building.

The owner was provided with a full detailed report, letting them know the as-is building behavior, and gaining important in-depth insight into their asset. This information was directly used in the building rehabilitation design, optimizing the performance and saving costs.


All of this was accomplished through Sensequake’s rapid, non-destructive sensing technologies, without the need for finite element models or detailed structural drawings.

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