Kanata, ON Canada

The Canadian Centre for Mineral and Technology Complex 

(CANMET) is a federally owned multi-building complex in Kanata, Ontario Canada managed by Natural Resources Canada. Out of the entirety of the complex, Sensequake was approached to conduct a seismic assessment and health monitoring on 4 of their buildings 2, 3, 9 and 10 (shown on the right from the top of bottom).

The CANMET Complex is home to specialized laboratories studying and working with explosive materials, one of the very few in Canada to do so. Due to the nature of the materials kept in these buildings, the importance to maintain and evaluate the structural soundness of this building is therefore much higher than the average.

Many of the structures tested at the complex were irregularly shaped as well as being compromised of multiple wings and structural blocks. Therefore, it was crucially important to determine the structural integrity of the connections between the buildings. For instance, for buildings 2, 9 and 10, the buildings were separated into two separate structural wings to better examine the interaction and structural integrity between the different building wings. 

Through our assessment, we were able to extract:
  - Create an initial baseline for the structures
  - Extract the buildings' dynamic properties
  - Predict the damage level of structural components 
  - Predict the damage level of non-structural components

Thanks to our assessment, we were also able to recommend important mitigation strategies in order to improve the overall integrity of the buildings as well as the safety of the employees who work at the complex.

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