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Burketon CP Bridge

Region of Durham, ON Canada

Sensequake has been testing various bridges for the region of Durham in Ontario to closely follow their structural health and integrity.


The Burketon CP Bridge is a 3-span, precast concrete bridge built in the 1960s that is scheduled for replacement in the coming years. By using our novel sensing-based analysis algorithms, along with our database of healthy and damaged bridge stiffness baselines, many key findings were identified, helping the owner plan its upcoming replacement.

Jennifer Goddard P.Eng., a project manager at the Regional Municipality of Durham, had the following comments on how our approach was used by the region.


"As an operator and owner of many bridges, it is difficult to determine the remaining level of integrity of our assets nearing the end of their service life. Sensequake’s sensing-based approach proved to be an essential factor in determining the current status of one of our bridges.


Sensequake’s novel sensing technology using advanced data-driven structural analysis combined with their unique, wireless, highly sensitive and synchronized sensors were able to detect and locate anomalies.


Bruketon (CP) Bridge.jpeg

Even though the sensors were only located at the deck level, Sensequake used their proprietary database of healthy bridges to identify the cause of anomalies found within the bridge system which may come from the pier foundations, abutments, or other structural elements. All of the insights were confirmed by previous inspection reports and helped us to quantify the damage seen onsite.


Sensequake provided essential insight that we were unable to get from visual inspections or finite element modelling. Sensequake’s analysis played a key role in helping us decide on the next steps in our replacement plans for the bridge.


All of the data obtained from Sensequake’s testing was able to be given to our structural Consultant to help calibrate their finite-element modelling to better predict its current load capacity.


We are impressed by the insight and detailed report provided by the Sensequake Team and see their technology as an important tool for bridge owners and operators. We look forward to using Sensequake technology on our other assets."

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